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Nature of Business: Health & Social Services
Areas of Impact: Provision of health care/social care products and services (include disease/illness prevention and mitigation)

Red Crowns Senior Living

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Red Crowns Senior Living provides coliving homes for elderlies aged 55 and above to age-in-place gracefully and with dignity. Elderlies will co-live in domestic HDB flats or condominiums with up to 3 other housemates and live-in caregivers. With over 25 locations already serving over 130 seniors across the city-state, the arrangement seeks to help seniors to live and age in place semi-independently while still enjoying care and support.

It is estimated that by the year 2030, about one in five Singapore residents will be aged 65 or older. Furthermore, these residents have a longer life expectancy than before, projected up to 85.3 years as compared to 78.8 years in 1980. As the nation experiences an ageing population, there is a dire need for robust, reliable old-age support that caters to evolving social and healthcare needs. Among older adults, there has always been a desire to age in place. This has been further driven by the isolation caused due to COVID-19 – currently, according to research by Lien Foundation, over 90% of elderly prefer to age-in-place and not age-in-institution. Due to factors such as the lack of round-the-clock care, strained relationships with family members, or the need for a live-in caregiver, seniors are usually sent to facilities like nursing homes. For many, these facilities can be too expensive, and for those who can afford them, there are other challenges like long waiting lines and poor quality services. Red Crowns Senior Living aims at filling these gaps by providing a number of quality care homes across the country at affordable prices making retirement and ageing a pleasant process for elderlies.

Red Crowns acts as a concierge solutions provider for elderlies in housing rental managements for them to age in place as well as share the cost of caregivers for 24/7 care. The process includes matching each tenant with the most suitable housemates and caregivers based on their individual needs and assisting in setting up the homes and maintaining them over time. For instance, those under the senior living programme who have dementia are matched with the most suitable caregivers and housemates. Red Crowns Senior Living also places them under three types of co-living environments: independent living, assisted living and memory care.

Independent living homes are suitable for elderly who requires little or no assistance. They prefer to live in a community with other elderly and not live alone. Professional nursing care and assistance is available when required.

Assisted living homes are suitable for elderly who require assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). Our assisted living homes provide 24/7 supervision, medication management and medical escorts, assistance with ADLs, and household chores and laundry by our live-in caregivers.

Memory care homes are for elderly who are diagnosed with early to mid-stage dementia or Parkinson’s Disease. The social engagement and memory care programs provided by Red Crowns Senior Living delay the mental and cognitive deterioration of elderly with dementia.

As the company continues to scale, keeping up with demand and ensuring a high quality of service can be challenging. With this in mind, Red Crowns is also developing a new digital platform, retireGENIE, which acts as a digital concierge and marketplace. The new platform will help match the seniors more efficiently and provide them with a better experience. Homeowners looking to house seniors can also engage this platform to find suitable senior tenants. With retireGENIE’s matching abilities, Red Crowns aims to cater to thousands of senior citizens across the country.

Technology and advancements can add years to life. We hope our mission is able to add life to years.

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