In line with SGX’s ‘comply or explain’ framework for sustainability reporting , listed companies in Singapore will be working towards highlighting their sustainable practices in relation to Environmental, Social or Governance ("ESG") factors. raiSE encourages Corporates to make Social Enterprises a part of their sustainability journey, by partnering with SEs and making them an integral part of their business.

As individuals, you can come together in support of local social enterprises to contribute to the sector in a sustainable way. Here are some ways you can be #partofthegood.

Get involved in our events

Be part of the community and get to know our social enterprises better by joining us for events organized by raiSE or any of our members. Whether it is a large-scale festival, an intimate get-together or an immersive SE experience, there is something to suit all preferences! Check out upcoming events here.






Explore an internship with a social enterprise

Get first-hand exposure working in social enterprises, learning alongside accomplished social entrepreneurs and being immersed in challenging and meaningful projects and sector-related activities that will prepare you to become social change leaders of the future. Learn more about the Social Enterprise Young Talent Programme here.






Share Expertise and Resources

We work together with industry partners to shed light on issues and challenges in the ecosystem while equipping social entrepreneurs with the right skills to address them. Browse through our past events for examples of past collaborations. If you would like to explore opportunities to collaborate with the social enterprise sector, please drop us a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Purchase from Social Enterprises

The simplest way to start being #partofthegood is to make a conscious effort to purchase from social enterprises! From f&b to fashion and beauty, event management to corporate team building, our social enterprises offer a diverse range of products and services. Explore our social enterprise directory here.






Spread the word

Be inspired by our social enterprise stories and show your support by sharing them with your social network and inviting others to be #partofthegood! When you purchase from social enterprises, don’t forget to take a picture and post it using the hashtag #partofthegood!



Check out some of our raiSE member events

Check out some of our raiSE member events!

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