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TEDxYouth@Singapore: Future of Us

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Themed “Future of Us”, we hope to educate and inspire youths to understand important issues that are prevalent in Singapore society. While the concept of change often appears daunting, we would like the youth to realise and understand that the beginning of progress is a small step that anyone can take. With a diverse group of speakers, each with expertise and passion in their respective fields, we hope that our lineup can catalyse thought and action amongst us, the youth in Singapore. In this age of disruption and flux, we believe that it is essential for one to continuously take part in both learning and unlearning, overcoming preconceived notions of one’s capacity as an individual. Through a thoughtfully curated list of talks, we envision a future created by the collective action of individuals empowered by knowledge and fueled by passion to ignite change for the better.
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