Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE

The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE is a sector developer and membership body for aspiring social entrepreneurs, existing social enterprises and other individuals and organisations that are interested in contributing to the development of the Social Enterprise sector. raiSE was set up to raise awareness of social entrepreneurship and raise support for Social Enterprise in Singapore.



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As an Individual

Interested to be Part of the Good? Find out how you can get involved in events, purchase from Social Enterprises and more!

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As an Existing Startup & SME

Ready to include social outcomes to your bottom line? Find out more about what it means to be a raiSE Social Enterprise Member.

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As a Corporation

Ready to make Social Enterprises a part of your sustainability journey? Find out more about how your company can get involved.

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Discover Our Programme & Event Line-Ups

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VentureForGood Grant

The VFG grant is an open grant call to support new and existing social enterprises who are starting up or expanding their operations for up to $300,000 in funding.

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Fellowship Programme

The SE Fellowship Programme aims to support growth and mature-stage social enterprises in improving their financial sustainability through curated matching with corporate professionals interested to contribute to the social enterprise sector.

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raiSE Masterclasses provide our social enterprises with opportunities for practical and hands-on learning. We collaborate with partners to develop capabilities for social enterprises to scale their business as well as social impact.

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Events Calendar

Discover upcoming Social Enterprise events, workshops, competitions, webinars and more in our Events Calendar.

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Hear From Our Success Stories!

Raise defines Social Enterprises (SEs) as business entities set up with clear social goals; and where there is clear management intent and resources allocated to fulfil their social objectives.

Social entrepreneurship in Singapore is still in its early days.Social enterprises provide business solutions to address unmet and emerging social needs and gaps. They have the potential to make a difference, create value and solve social challenges in sustainable ways. SEs have grown to become part of a broader system to address social needs. In an emerging trend, they also fulfil the aspirations of a new generation of Singaporeans who are passionate to do good through means other than charities, and as a part of their daily lives.

Check out our resources page for useful publications, toolkits and links to get you started on your social enterprise journey!


Discover Social Enterprises In Various Sectors

The simplest way to start being #partofthegood is to make a conscious effort to purchase from social enterprises! From Food & Beverage to Retail & Gifts, Events Management to Education & Training, our social enterprises offer a diverse range of products and services.

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