President & Founder
Social Innovation Park Ltd

Ms Penny Low

President & Founder, Social Innovation Park Ltd

Penny Low has traversed more than 80 countries and is a serial entrepreneur, often in pioneering new frontiers.

In 2001, Penny was the youngest elected female Member of Parliament in Singapore. She is credited for having built up a new town (Punggol) from scratch. It has won many awards including being the first eco town in the tropics. She is active on national committees, in particular those promoting social enterprises, town and community development, and inter-nation parliamentary friendship groups.

Penny was introduced and appointed by the chairman and founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, to social entrepreneurship. In 2006, she founded the Social Innovation Park Ltd, a non-profit organisation promoting thought leadership and social entrepreneurship. It is recognised as a leading social enterprise in Singapore, which has incubated many entrepreneurs, produced several tv series on social entrepreneurship and the Global Social Innovators Forum – the longest running forum in Singapore to promote a mindset change and tripartite approach in social entrepreneurship. She also co-founded the Social Enterprise Association on 2008.

Penny has pioneered fee-based financial planning and advisory services, anchored TV program on retirement planning and written undergraduate and professional curriculum on financial management. She also served as an adjunct university lecturer while executing major IT turnkey projects for financial institutions.

Penny was honoured as one of the 32 founding members of the New Asian Leaders and abounding member of the prestigious The Forum of Global Young Leaders (YGL) by the Geneva-based WEF. She is on many international boards, including the US-based Operation Hope, Yale World Fellows Advisory Board and Larta – a US-based ‘innovation hub’ whose network and influence impacts the world. She is a NTU-Lien Ying Chow Legacy Fellow, a Aspen Scholar, a Yale Scholar and World Fellow.