Jolly Companion Limited

Nature of Business: Domestic Household Services
Areas of Impact: Provision of employment opportunities

Jolly Companion Limited

About Us

To provide quality home services for seniors to experience the joy of aging in place, regardless of their economic social status. Jolly Companions will provide caregiving and monitoring services while parent charity, O'Joy Care Services provide clinical case management. These services are provided by Jolly Companions, who are Singaporean/PR with experience in house chores and have aged well. They are trained by counsellors on helping relationship, understanding the ageing process, attending skills, communicating and engaging by a Person-Centred Care approach. They will be further supported administratively by Jolly Manager and O'Joy counsellors. The companions would perform household chores and observe clients for potential unmet needs.

Products & Services

Jolly Companion offers 3 types of monthly subscription care packages, i.e. Jolly 42 (Intense), Jolly 28 (Comfortable) or Jolly 14 (Starter), at $40 per 2 hour session, delivery at client’s home. We also provide short-term service for clients who require temporary care. Our unique selling point will be complementary clinical case management service, 24/7 remote monitoring services and 3 tier emergency response system.

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