Tri-Sector Associates

Nature of Business: Business Support Activities (eg: General Consultancy, Event Mgt)
Areas of Impact: Capacity building for organisations in the social sector

Tri-Sector Associates

About Us

(an affiliate of Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc) We want to accelerate the transition to a performance-driven social sector by deploying cutting-edge data analytics and impact investing tools to build the capacity of funders and social organisations to best achieve outcomes driven programmes.

Products & Services

We offer a range of services to customers in Singapore and the broader Asia-Pacific region:1) Structuring impact investing projects such as the Social Impact Bond2) Creating effective outcomes-driven contracts for social services3) Modeling the cost-benefit proposition of social interventions4) Designing rigorous statistical evaluations of program impacts5) Helping stakeholders select and align around social outcomes6) Developing rigorous end-to-end programme design

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