Social Lab Ltd. (Dialogue in the Dark)

Nature of Business: Education
Areas of Impact: Provision of education

Social Lab Ltd. (Dialogue in the Dark)

About Us

Dialogue in the Dark is a social enterprise that provides training to raise awareness about the visually impaired, change perceptions about the disabled and marginalized in the community, and promotes a more inclusive society. Our mission is to empower and enable the visually impaired to be leaders, trainers and motivational speakers; encourage the public to have empathy and a greater sense of social responsibility towards the needs of the disabled and deprived and to provide unique experiential and impactful activities and workshops which will challenge assumptions and heighten communication skills, confidence, creativity, courage, leadership and team-building. We also provide tours, educational workshops & talks in schools.

Products & Services

Dialogue in the Dark Singapore (DiDsg) offers experiential training programmes for myriad audiences. The signature Tour in the Dark programme allows one to experience everyday life as a visually-impaired person. Accompanied by a blind guide, go through themed rooms that simulate everyday environments, and come to understand more about yourself and others.

DiDsg offer workshops (Leadership and Innovation, Executive Workshop, and Learning Journey) to corporate companies to learn more about leadership, change management, diversity, communication and team building – in a totally unique way.

For students, we offer educational workshops designed for kindergarten to tertiary level students, to enable them to develop empathy, non-visual communication, confidence and self-awareness. Children under 6 would be keen to experience 4Sights, a unique experience designed by our guides where they build self-confidence through songs, storytelling and other activities.

DiDsg allows you to enjoy a full-course meal in complete darkness! You will undergo a transformational yet challenging process in relying on your other senses to help you dine in our Lunch/Dinner in the Dark. You can also celebrate your Birthday in the Dark!

The Empathy Challenge offers an unique experience in the light! You will undergo a series of challenges to simulate the daily challenges of people with disabilities. Be aware, gain empathy, and take a step forward.

We offer customise programmes too. For more information, pls visit


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