Timeliss Pte Ltd

Nature of Business: Information & Communications
Areas of Impact: Provision of economic tools and services (e.g. financial access, crowdfunding, ecommerce)

Timeliss Pte Ltd


About Us

Timeliss hopes to provide affordable pre-planning tools and legacy publishing services. We believe software can better enable and connect providers to help these people tackle the complexities and needs that arise in later life in an affordable way. We want to combine these services in a meaningful and cohesive way, and our beneficiaries to feel assured and have the ability to plan for and take care of different matters of health, wealth and legacy that is important to them and their love ones. Most often, the greatly affected people by the loss are often the dependants and love ones.

Products & Services

Emotional and financial burden during end-of-life not only affects the person but the dependants and family. We are providing a social impact via three products. 1) Timeliss Legacy :- Assist with aspects of deathcare and grieving to the underprivileged that would otherwise have few alternative cost-effective means of doing so (e.g. obituary announcements)- Provide a clear and trusted channel for raising donations for families dealing with the loss and donation to charities in memory of the deceased.- Allows for more interactive and thoughtful means to built stronger tries between people and the community while helping families better overcome the loss and gain emotional support during their grief. 2) Timeliss Guide (www.guide.timeliss.com) :- One-stop resource guide to give you all the information you need to properly prepare for your future and emergencies. It includes a compilation of various services so that users can make informed decisions. We hope to also tie up with partners who can provide affordable rates for the low-income family to engage their services, and offer the information in other important languages.3) Timeliss Life: - Empower people with a digital tool to plan for and take care of different matters of their health, wealth and legacy.


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