Nature of Business: Information & Communications
Areas of Impact: Provision of economic tools and services (e.g. financial access, crowdfunding, ecommerce)



About Us

Timeliss is an estate and legacy specialist portal. Timeliss seeks to modernize the ‘antiquated’ end-of-life (contingency) planning and administration process with a holistic and secure digital platform that encourages an integrated planning approach to facilitate iterative progress across multiple touch-points.

Our mission is to build a community of smart planners by making planning simple, accessible and approachable. We do so by providing resources to create awareness, the tools to take action, the services to connect people to professional assistance.

Products & Services

1) Estate Administration [service, ask for price]
We understand the difficulties that executors and estate administrators face. The support you need is more than just getting the legal documentation. We're here to help you make your process easier. The support we provides include the following:
1. Legal administration
2. Tax and other settlements
3. Personal effects and logistics
4. Closure and transfer of funds
5. Sale of property
6. Estate administration report

2) Will and Lasting Power of Attorney [service, $300]
Our goal is to help you ensure your beneficiaries receive your estate in the most cost-effective way possible. Package includes legal advice and assistance to complete and execute a simple will and engage a certificate issuer for LPA form 1 for the same individual.

3) Timeliss Planner [free, beta-launch]
Timeliss Planner is an organizer to help you with contingency planning or any unexpected events in the future. Timeliss Planner provides you with a selection of key Planner Modules in health, financial, legal and personal data. Guided with simple instructions, checklists and actionable steps to help you get started with your personal plans, including your Will, Lasting Power of Attorney and Advance Care Plan. It is designed to guide you through, and make plans comfortably and your own pace.

To our partners and channels, we provide them with the tool to present a more holistic, multi-dimensional and value-based advisory role as they co-create and facilitate individuals to make progressive steps.

4) Digital Memorials and Tributes [free]
Timeliss Memories provides you with the avenue to showcase the lives and legacies of loved ones in your community. As an extension of Timeliss Planner, Timeliss Memories is designed with helping people preparing ahead of time, letting them prepare their own messages, and also offer functions for donations, privacy, and community sharing. With in-built donation features, we hope to inspire legacy-giving by making it easy to extend donations and tributes in memory of your loved ones.

5) Marketplace for end-of-life services [coming soon]
Marketplace for on-demand services for all end-of-life planning and death matters. Find services and information from caregiving to funerary to legal matters.

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