Ageless Bicyclists Ltd

Nature of Business: Education & Training
Areas of Impact: Provision of education

Ageless Bicyclists Ltd

About Us

Ageless Bicyclists creates a holistic and inclusive program in unlocking the potential of people with special needs moving on to the mainstream and community integration; to lead independent and fulfilling lives, realizing their dreams and ambitions through transformative bicycling and experience the joys of riding a bicycle through their adult life. The mission of Pedal enAble (cycling with special needs) is connecting inclusive communities, different abilities, with one passion enhancing the quality of lives through transformative recreational experiential bicycling.

Products & Services

Ageless Bicycles' mission is to enhance the quality of life with a lifestyle that embraces physical activity and active living through recreational cycling. Ageless Bicycles creates healthy lifestyle programs for silver communities and family members which includes cycling, health education, exercises and retreats. It organises outreach program at community centers and encourage senior and youth cycling interest groups. In addition, it also organises short trips overseas to enhance intercultural experiences, friendships, family bonding and quality of life and CSR Philanthropic Team Building Events.


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