The Mapping Academy Pte Ltd

Nature of Business: Training
Areas of Impact: Provision of skill development

The Mapping Academy Pte Ltd

About Us

The Mapping Academy is a one-stop learning academy with programmes for different age groups. As a trusted Advisor for learning development, we equip learners with practical knowledge & life skills to Be better in their lives; empowered with a positive mind-set & a spirit of excellence to make a difference in the Community. Our Team’s Mission is to support the Development of Personal Excellence of individuals, Enhance Performance Excellence of groups/organisations & Foster Team Excellence in the community. Our programmes are tailored to (1) Enrich vulnerable children & youths with SEL (2) Empower ex-offenders with Parenting skills & Family Bonding tips (3) Enhance VWOs’ continuous learning & emotional support rendered to their beneficiaries.

Products & Services

Through our iMap programmes classified in 7 categories, we deliver:
1) Valued based, Social Emotional Enrichment Programmes for Children and Youths.
2) Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Career Preparation & Job Readiness Programmes for Youths.
3) Certification Programmes (through our Training Alliances) to equip job seekers for the F&B industry (e.g. Barista, Chef etc).
4) Conversational English to facilitate communication at work (e.g. for Foreign Workers).
5) Empowerment Programmes and Personal Effectiveness Programmes for Youths, Adults & Seniors.
6) Motivational Programmes developing positive mind-sets & Skills Enhancement Programmes for Parents / Caregivers / Social Workers / Teachers.
7) Family Bonding Programmes & Activities incorporating learning themes e.g. 5 Languages of Love.
8) Teambonding Programmes to increase cohesion and effectiveness amongst Teams/Co-workers.
9) Events for the Community to build cohesion e.g. Singapore Heritage Activities Booths for new citizens ceremony.
10) Overseas Students’ Experiential Learning Journeys in Singapore.


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