School of Gumption

Nature of Business: Training
Areas of Impact: Capacity building for organisations in the social sector

School of Gumption


About Us

We prepare youth and professionals to be future ready and drive change with heart and entrepreneurial dare. Our program develops core leadership capacities for addressing 21st century challenges, namely: integrating the intelligence of Heart-Hands-Head, Holding the space for collective learning & generative conversation, understanding complexities, mastering the art and framework for innovating complex system. The participants learn to embody the 6C values (calm, compassion, courage, curiosity, commitment, collaboration) on their ongoing journey of social innovation.

Products & Services

1. Student programme: Future Creator Camp bringing overseas students to Singapore to explore the best social innovation and adapt these ideas into developing solutions for their own countries.
2. Educator capacity building programme: we build educators’ capacity in term of facilitation and curriculum design skills for project based learning that delivers real life problem solving and social impact.
3. Organizational learning: Collective Leadership for Transformation and Future Readiness workshop
4. Speaking engagement and dialogue: Education 4.0
5. Social transformation : we adopt Theory U as a systemic transformation framework and work with relevant tri-sector decision makers to support social transformation.

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