Learning Vessels LLP

Nature of Business: Education
Areas of Impact: Provision of education

Learning Vessels LLP


About Us

We provide intervention-based learning programmes and workshops for underprivileged children through funding from donations, and aim to offer similar services to higher income families who can pay directly. In so doing, we hope to address the individual and unique needs of children with learning difficulties like Dyslexia, Developmental Delay etc , whether they come from low or middle income families. We work in the area of Literacy, Numeracy and Science.

Products & Services

1) Half-day to 3-day Workshops: Science & Literacy, Writing and others for children as well as Literacy Teaching workshops for parents or volunteers from charities.
2) The "ILP" (Intervention-based Learning Programme): Weekly intervention-based learning sessions to be offered within preschools for children who cannot keep up with the main kindergarten lessons.
3) Associated learning materials to be used with children

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