Learning Vessels

Nature of Business: Education & Training
Areas of Impact: Capacity building for organisations in the social sector

Learning Vessels


About Us

We provide intervention-based learning products and workshops for underprivileged children through funding from donations, and aim to offer similar products and services to higher income families who can pay directly. In so doing, we hope to address the individual and unique learning needs of children, in particular those with learning difficulties like Dyslexia, Developmental Delay etc , whether they come from low or middle income families. We work in the area of Literacy, Numeracy and Science.

Products & Services

1) Intervention-based teaching tools and workbooks for Literacy and Numeracy
2) Educational STEM toys for 18 month olds and up - suitable for children with special needs
3) Workshops for educators, volunteers and parents in developing their children's emerging literacy skills or in intervention-based methods to teach literacy and numeracy.
4) Programme development and execution (primarily non-profit efforts)


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