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Nature of Business: Health and wellness
Areas of Impact: Provision of health care/social care products and services (include disease/illness prevention and mitigation)

EmoHealth Pte Ltd


About Us

We help Chronic Patients and the Elderly to stay healthy through automated weight monitoring. Weight patterns are key to monitor malnutrition, heart and kidney disease, fluid retention, cancer, diabetes and even dementia. But regular monitoring of weight is highly manual, inefficient and unsafe with today’s weighing methods, especially for the frail and bed/chair bound. They end up either monitored less frequently than needed, or using inaccurate and unreliable methods.

Our IoT solution converts their own beds into smart monitors that record daily weight readings. We then analyze the data to detect and monitor health conditions, support care providers to seek timely diagnosis and treatment, and achieve better health outcomes.

Products & Services

Our Solution: Automate Weighing by converting Patient’s own Bed into Smart Weight Monitor
• Effortless, Reliable Weighing: IoT sensors convert the patient’s own bed into a smart weight monitor, that automatically records their weight each time they lie down, and wirelessly sends it to the Cloud
• Continuous Monitoring: AI and machine learning algorithms then analyze the data with their medical history to monitor for new or worsening conditions, and send these alerts to their care providers.
• Early Intervention: Care providers can then review these insights to do early intervention, seek timely diagnosis and treatment, so as to reduce late-stage complications and achieve improved health.

We offer the above solution as a 'Monitoring-as-a-Service' monthly subscription package, comprising the rental of IoT sensors, the auto weight monitoring & analytics service, and the usage of web dashboard/ mobile app.


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