Nature of Business: Creative, Media & Publication
Areas of Impact: Provision of education


About Us

We’re a production house for broadcast, brand commissions, creative writing, and independent cinema. We tell stories. We use media to explore perspectives we can share, which is the basis of our social work: we run kino kino, a community for cinema, philosophy, and inclusion. We use the magic of movies to bring together a community of equals and discuss everyday issues and ideas. Each of our sessions has its own theme. The community work feeds back into our creative productions - vice versa, telling/sharing stories to enable society. We're based in SG and plan international scale-ability. Our creative productions (mainly video and consulting) bridge industry demands and society through media tools, multi-platform stories, and education.

Through regular comunity-based events programme, kino kino uses film screenings as a catalyst for public philosophy discussions. It also provides:
- educational tools for critical thinking, perspective exchange, communication, empathy
- bridging general public and marginalized communities
- creating and nurturing social community to promote inclusion

Products & Services

- cinema screenings and philosophy discussion
- introduction to communication tools for film and philosophy analysis, critical thinking, and exchange
- accessibility for all persons

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