Crunchy Teeth

Nature of Business: Education & Training
Areas of Impact: Provision of employment opportunities

Crunchy Teeth

About Us

The Works of Hope Pte Ltd (WOH) provides work-readiness skills development and employment opportunities to its autistic interns. The work-readiness skill development include bakery, arts&crafts, logistics, performances, information technology, cleaning, horticulture, pet care and other adaptable and interest skills of the autistic youths and adults. The apprentices are trained under inclusive settings for improvements. When the apprentices complete their work-readiness learning, they are helped with job search for inclusive employment.
The business model of Crunchy Teeth, the company's brand name for bakery that is located at 156 Macpherson Road, is premised on the sales of its fresh baked pastries to support inclusive learning and employment for autistic youths and adults. Recognizing the lack of inclusive employment for special needs youths once they turn 18, Crunchy Teeth aims to provide basic baking and work skills development followed by employment opportunities to youths and adults with autism. The autistic youths and adults learn basic baking and simple work skills under inclusive settings for their improvement.

Crunchy Teeth hopes to build clientele in banks, wellness companies, car servicing companies, CSRs, Residential Committees, etc. Revenue estimate to be $40k for 1st year 2019, $80k for 2nd year 2020..

At Crunchy Teeth, we knead and bake delicious pastries to support inclusive learning and employment to our autistic youths and adults through love, empathy, acceptance and inclusion embraced.

Products & Services

Products: Pastries
Services: a) Work-readiness skills development in basic bakery and work skills for the autistic youths and adults; b) inclusive employment opportunities for autistic youths and adults.

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