Green Nudge Strategies Pte Ltd

Nature of Business: Energy, Water & Waste Management
Areas of Impact: Capacity building for organisations in the social sector

Green Nudge Strategies Pte Ltd

About Us

Green Nudge is a social enterprise with an environmental focus based in Singapore that works closely with companies and event organisers to achieve a zero waste outcome. We do this through the provision of a start-to-finish solution that meets the waste management needs of events and functions.

Apart from events, we work to educate and advocate for environmental awareness through coastal cleanups, visits, learning journeys and workshops. In doing so, we want to build a wave of momentum that will shift the norm in how we create and deal with waste in Singapore.

We aim to be an enabler and changemaker in creating societal transformation through behavioural nudges to achieve sustainable/green practices and behaviour. This allows us to raise awareness on environmentalissues pertaining to Singapore; encourage sustainable behaviour by helping organisations to adopt and inculcate green practices and behaviour; and drive collaboration among like-minded stakeholders.

Products & Services

We work to achieve a zero waste outcome through a two pronged approach:

Through our “Activation” arm, we provide a holistic green event solution in three broad steps: forecasting waste before it is generated before an event; executing on-the-ground solutions with volunteers such as diverting fruit peels to community gardens, and sending plastic bottles to be used as art materials; and documenting and quantifying all these efforts in a post-event report.

By working with companies to create more sustainable events, organisations reduce the amount of waste generated, thereby enjoy cost savings. By proactively incorporating green initiatives into their event, organisations can also adopt sustainable practices and meet reporting requirements by integrating sustainability information as well as brand themselves in a green and eco-conscious manner.

Through our “Awareness” arm, we to tackle the behaviour of mindless and excess consumption in Singapore by organising and leading experiential learning journeys,. We do this by organising visits to places of interest such as Semakau Landfill, community gardens, as well as carrying out hands-on activities such as coastal clean-ups and workshops.

This helps to grow a community of eco-conscious individuals, and nudge organisations to take ownership of waste generated at events and functions.

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