MYCLNQ - Connecting Your Healthcare Needs

Nature of Business: Health & Social Services
Areas of Impact: Provision of health care/social care products and services (include disease/illness prevention and mitigation)

MYCLNQ - Connecting Your Healthcare Needs

About Us

Ssivix Lab is developing a MyCLNQ suite, a one stop solution to help elderly with their healthcare needs including specialist appointments , medical transports , medical equipment's , caregivers , pharmacy ,rehab and medical tourism needs with the advance technology. Our aim is to work for betterment of community with the help of next generation technology. We aiming to minimize the citizen and elderly pain in terms of
-Clinic wait time to see GP neighborhood clinic,
-Getting Non emergency medical transport provider in one place
- Caregiver, Rehab, Medical equipment, Nutrition product etc. all elderly health care need under one umbrella have been the trigger to design MyCLNQ application.
MyCLNQ is a digital Innovation to community especially the elderly.

Products & Services

MyCLNQ application will make use of latest AI features , algorithms to make suggestions for neighbourhood specialists , their availability and digitally book an appointment. Medical transportation needs and having a smooth visibility right from making a request until the payment. Geting the medical equipment and daily needs medical products (like Nutrition , Diapers ) under the same umbrella makes it convenient for elderly to place order at convenience. Having caregivers at finger tips and Rehabilitation needs covered makes it very easy to fulfill the medical needs for elderly.
Medical appointment and medical transport is already operational and we have on boarded providers.


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