The Experitas

Nature of Business: Education & Training
Areas of Impact: Provision of skill development

The Experitas

About Us

The Experitas team believes that society's ability to collectively achieve a reasonable standard of wellness, well-being and happiness rely on conscious efforts of its members to positively influence our habits, and make each of our daily routine activities purposeful, complemented by mindful living in a more equitable world.

From as low as zero dollars, we provide life coaching services to kids, teens and adults, including the less privileged to optimize talent, lifestyles and ultimately, lives, such that collectively, we grow to become ethical and responsible consumers, social entrepreneurs and impact leaders.

Our Club Experitas, using the ZOUQ digital platform, allows peer-to-peer mentoring. Its directory facilitates purposeful transactions between social enterprise and conscientious consumers. Club Experitas also allows insights, opportunities and resources to be shared, such that everyone has better access for these and improve their chances of success.

Hopefully, these will pivot vicious cycles into virtuous cycles, and through these values, we are able to collectively spiral up and achieve a better state of well-being.

Products & Services

Our coaching team, called ULTIMATE (Ultra Life Optimization Management Team), acts as your very own success team, sharing with you about LifeScape, encompassing 14 elements of the holistic lifestyle.

ULTIMATE leverages on a change management tool called System for Personal Management, Change and Effectiveness, or PERMANENCE.

Apart from coaching, we also offer training, mentoring and befriending activities.

In addition, we manage multiple initiatives in our Club Experitas. These include peer-to-peer mentoring, cross mentoring, multilevel mentoring, knowledge sharing and many others.

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