Nature of Business: Agriculture & Animal Husbandry
Areas of Impact: Provision of employment opportunities


About Us

1. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has gained mainstream acceptance and demand will continue to grow. There are currently some focus on high-demand herbs e.g. Cordyceps, Lingzhi.
2. Countries like Vietnam, Thailand and China produce Cordyceps in huge quantities but production methods and purity are questionable. High levels of arsenic and lead are found in rice, cordyceps due to their fermentation process in huge vats.
3. CordyPharma has succeeded in the production in New Zealand using pure authentic organic materials. Thus we will take the opportunity to transplant CordyPharma technical know-how to develop and scale a self-sustaining TCM based social enterprise in Singapore with commercial sales via online platforms, through selected partners and also our shops in Vietnam.
4. As such, this is an opportune time for us to engage PWD and leverage this as new opportunities for skills development and ensuing employment. CordyPharma will undertake the training of PWD to undertake role of lab and/or mycology technicians by training and development of PWDs as a Lab technician in a safe environment, located in the school’s compound with the idea to move PWDs away from manual labour work such as cleaners, cooks, wait-staff.
5. Employment of stay home mums, or elderly as supervisors will be one of our goals in the establishment of the lab.
6. We also intend to have a significant Social outreach with distribution of up to 20% cultivation output to social causes and charitable missions (e.g. through partnering with CDCs).

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