Urban Spring

Nature of Business: Energy, Water & Waste Management
Areas of Impact: Provision of products and services to improve the mental health & well-being (e.g. address social exclusion)

Urban Spring


About Us

Urban Spring strives to reduce single-use plastic bottles by building a network of water refill stations with its proprietary Well井, an innovative, smart-technology water station. Through accessible, water refill points around the city, Urban Spring hopes to redefine the water drinking experience outside of homes and empower urbanites to make a smarter, more sustainable choice. Our solution enables millions of single-use plastic bottles being avoided.

Products & Services

Urban Spring's Well井 water stations are state-of-the-art. Its features include:
• A sleek and contemporary design
• LCD screen to provide instant user engagement by displaying the number of bottles saved
• International NSF certified filtration system to ensure clean and safe drinking water quality
• Hidden contactless nozzle to prevent contact and safeguard hygiene
• Weather-responsive regulator and cooling algorithm to ensure a refreshing, ambient water supply
• Smart sensors and data capabilities to enable real-time monitoring of filter effectiveness and ensure optimal performance for a positive refilling experience
• Programmable auto-rinse to safeguard risk of bacteria growth
• Customizable sleep mode to reduce energy consumption


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