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Nature of Business: Education & Training
Areas of Impact: Provision of skill development

Stick 'Em

About Us

At Stick 'Em, we make quality STEAM education accessible to all. We believe that quality STEAM education is the most powerful tool for children to unleash and act on their potential.

To do this, we have a super affordable Robotics Kit that is so intuitive that even 9-year-olds can design and make their own robots out of chopsticks!

The Robotics Kit is paired with Stick 'Em Online where children will be able to learn and participate in challenges to encourage purpose-driven learning in an extremely fun way.

Numerous schools (both public and private) and social organisations for children across Singapore and Malaysia are using Stick 'Em. We are looking for partners who can help bring this to other countries! If this is you, let's chat!

Products & Services

Stick 'Em Robotics Set:
This consists of the Stick 'Em Connector Kit and Stick 'Em Electronics Kit that empowers children aged 10 and above with the tools and materials to create a myriad of things from basic shapes like cubes, and prisms to functional robots and mechanisms. Designed with the idea of affordability and sustainability in mind, it consists of disposable chopsticks and biodegradable geometric connectors.

Stick 'Em WebApp:
A web app that users can connect to their creations using laptops, phones or tablets. Through this platform, they can control their creations in different modes such as RC car mode, and Claw Bot mode to more customised controls such as block programming and port control.

Stick 'Em Online Ecosystem:
The online ecosystem consists of Stick 'Em Academy and Dojo. In Academy, users will get access to resources and materials to learn how to use the Stick 'Em Kits to create a variety of things and develop foundational competency with the sets to enable them to explore further. Allowing them to translate their ideas into reality using our systems. In Dojo, users will be able to apply what they have learnt and be encouraged to go beyond and explore on their own through our challenges and competitions that are held both physically and online.


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