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Social Enterprise Development Fundamentals Workshop

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Learn how to successfully incorporate social impact into your business model to create value for your company!

The Social Enterprise Development Fundamentals Workshop is an interactive and experiential 1-day introductory session for aspiring social entrepreneurs or SME business owners who are interested in building a more sustainable business to gain a good understanding of the Social Enterprise Landscape and the know-how to develop their Social Enterprise Model.

• Be introduced to raiSE's toolkits, insights, and case studies developed from our deep engagement with hundreds of Social Enterprises, corporations, and Social Service Agencies (SSAs) over the years.

• Understand common pitfalls along the social entrepreneurship journey and learn possible strategies you can use to avoid or overcome challenges and create effective social innovation solutions.

• Enjoy complimentary access to the raiSE Social Value Toolkit e-module to learn more about how you can articulate and measure your impact.

• Gain an understanding of potential partners and ecosystem stakeholders who would be helpful in your social entrepreneurship journey.

Course fee
$250 for public
$200 for raiSE Individual Members
Complimentary for raiSE Social Enterprise Members
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