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DBS Foundation Grant 2022

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DBS Foundation’s flagship grant programme is now open for applications!

Since 2014, DBS Foundation has been supporting social enterprises (SEs) grow their businesses and create positive impact. With our grant funding and access to the bank’s resources, which include skills- and capacity-building, networking and business opportunities, many SEs have deepened their social and environmental impact.

Recognising that small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are crucial engines of growth in many economies, we are extending our DBS Foundation Grant Programme to help SMEs transform their existing businesses into sustainable and inclusive models to drive impact.
Grant Programmes

Our annual grant programme recognises the most innovative and scalable social enterprises across Asia. Since 2015, we have awarded over SGD 10 million in grants to more than 90 SEs to accelerate their social and environmental impact. SEs may apply for up to SGD 250,000 in grants.

Introducing the new grant to support SMEs in kickstarting their journey towards sustainability. We want to enable SMEs to implement solutions to be more sustainable, with the ability to track and measure their impact achievements. SMEs may apply for up to SGD 100,000 in grants.

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