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Asia's largest celebration of social enterprises and the impact they create!

Come down to enjoy an exciting and meaningful weekend with your family and friends! Satisfy your inner shopaholic at our bustling pop-up market, get transported to another world in our experience capsules, and be fascinated by our awe-inspiring conversations.

More than 85 Social Enterprises
Local and Regional Products and Services · Exciting Workshops · Multi-Sensory Experience Capsules · Thought-Provoking Conversations · Live Performances



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Experience capsules & workshops



Shop till you drop at our pop-up market, with over 50 booths!

Discover a world of possibilities as you explore the various products and services that social enterprises have to offer.

FFG 2018 has invited SEs from the region to feature their products and to share how they contribute to a more inclusive and caring society in their homeland.


Artisanal Crafts By Disabled/Needy Communities

· Complimentary Abonzo coffee (while supplies last)
· Free shipping vouchers for first 50 customers

Artisan & Fox

Artisanal Scarfs & Bags

· Up to 20% off selected items


Ethically-Sourced Artisanal Jewellery and Bags

· 10% off all items


Ethically-Sourced Artisanal Jewellery


Good Krama

Ethically-Sourced Clothing for Men and Women

· Buy 2 items, get a free Borey Cap

Marvelous Works

Artisan Bags/Pouches and Baby Products

· 10% off selected items
· Spend $100, get $5 off reversible totebag
· Buy 2 key fobs, get 1 free


Handmade Leather Bags and Accessories

· 10% off all items and free keychain with purchases above $25


Eco-Friendly, Artisanal Lifestyle Products (Bags, Bracelets, Straws)

· 10% off $100 purchase
· 15% off $150 purchase
· 20% off $200 purchase


Adaptive Clothing For The Disableds



Premium leather bag, laptop sleeve and card holder

· Up to 40% off selected items

Architects Of Life

Curated Products with Inpsirational Quotes



Gift-Funding Platform

· $10 off Admin fees for Gift-It-Forward event (Promo code FFG18)

Make The Change

Enrichment Workshops and Handicrafts (e.g. Wallets)

For booth sign-ups:
· Social Entrepreneurship 101 @ $99 (U.P. $195)
· 3-in-1 Corporate Identity Design @ $500 (U.P. $1500)
· 3-hour Photography Service @ $300 (U.P. $900)

Preschool Market

Enrichment Programs for Children

· Home Coding Kit @ $199 (U.P. $219)
· Toyish Dancer/Racer @ $30 (U.P. $45.90)
· CreARTech Kit @ $15
· Children’s Books Set @ $10

The GIVEN Company

Fund-Raising T-Shirts for Charity


Drum Prodigy Singapore

Music Enrichment Programmes


The Everyday Revolution

Lifestyle Products Designed by Special Needs Artists

· $5 off $50 purchase

IN:C.L.U.S.I.V.E Marketplace by EMU

Handicrafts (Mats, Pencil Cases, Leather Goods)

Customisation upon pre-orders for:
· Limited Edition YOYO Mat
· Handmade Vinyl Pencil Case
Free emboss for:
· Handcrafted leather earpiece/cord holder


Mobile Multi-Platform Volunteer Management System

Sign up at Zeles' booth to obtain the Attendance Code, and be eligible to receive a 20% discount voucher for one of the following: · Bird Park · Zoo · Night Safari · River Safari


Cost-Reducing Solutions for Social Impact Entrepreneurs


SDI Academy

English Guideboook For Migrant Workers

· Gift the book directly to Migrant Workers!
·$10 off every $100 spent

FindJobs Pte Ltd

Job-Finding Apps for Elderly and Blue-Collar Workers



Healthy, Wholesome and All-Natural Snacks



Preseved Flowers and Related Workshops

· Lucky Draw Prize: 2 Gardens by the Bay tickets
· 20%-50% off selected items

100 Bliss Blanket

Handicrafts (Blankets & Potted Plants)

· Buy 2 blankets, get a Free Name Embroidery
· $20 off every $100 purchase
· 10% off all items

Deaf ArtsCraftsy

Handicrafts by Deaf Artists

· 10% off clay face magnets


Curated Gift Items for Mothers and Babies

· Buy 2 items or more, get 10% off
· Follow @esblessingbox on Instagram to receive a 10% discount
· Follow @esblessingbox and @nodsparks to receive a special promo code

Kins by Hello Flowers!

Curated Handicrafts (Dried Flowers, Jewellery & Cards)



Handicrafts (Toys, Coasters & Blankets)


Tinkle Arts

Handicraft Products and Workshops



Curated Sleep-Aiding Products

· Up to 50% off for Zeezeezee pillows
· Up to 30% off for Diffuser
· 30% off for Essential Oil


Art Products, Workshops and Services


Dove Doodle

Handicrafts (Card Holder, Mini-Merlion & Candles)

1. Complimentary heart-shaped collar pin when you sign up as a volunteer at Dove Doodle’s booth
2. Complimentary mousepad with every purchase of 20 pairs of miniature Merlions
3. Complimentary DD mug with every purchase (while stocks last)

Active Quotient

Sports & Leisure Initiatives



Bento Subscription


Ashraf's Cafe

Western-Fusion Food, Drinks and Desserts



Cakes and Ice Cream


Bettr Barista

Ethically-Sourced Specialty Coffee Products

· 15% off for purchases above $15

Foreword Coffee

Ethically-Sourced Speciality Coffee

· Buy 5 Bottles, Get 1 Free
· Free mini pourover kettle with purchases above $50 (only 10 available)
· 10% off every purchase




GoPurpose Inc

Organic Products (Food & Cosmetics)


Green4Life Organic

Sustainably-Sourced Organic Vegetables

· $0.50 off every package of Green4Life Organic Vegetables

I Light You!

House/Office Removal Services, Light-Bulb Beverages, Homemade Cookies


My Nonna's

Italian Cuisine


Oh My Goodness!

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Cakes & Bakes

· Special Promo Code:
Pre-order any product (except celebration cakes) and pick-up at FFG to get 20% off bill
*Promo code will only be active 2 weeks before the event.
· 10% off whole cakes

Pope Jai Thai

Thai Cuisine


Tea Ideas

Premium Tea Products (Tea Wands & Desserts)



Multi-Purpose Walking Sticks

· Up to 30% off for Smart Walking Stick

Catalyst Connection

Mental Health Coaching Services

· Festival Special: $615

Career Workshops

· Stand a chance to win a free organiser by uploading a picture of yourself at FFG with FindSGJobs (Tag them on FB/IG)

Freedom Cups

Menstrual Cups



Future-Readiness Enrichment Programmes

· $3 Loaves, $2 Muffins, $1 Buns

Innervate Fitness

CrossFit Classes

· 20% off any package

Jolly Companion

Integrated Homecare Services for Elderly

· Free trial session for companionship service (max. 2 hours per session)


Fitness Classes

· 15% off 10-class package

Blue Magpie Tea

Eco-Friendly, Chemical-Free & Pesticide-Free Tea



Sustainably-Sourced Local Produce (Fruits, Vegetables & Spices)


iSEE Mobile Apps

Mobile App for Visually-Impaired, Foam Board, Tablet, Notebook, Leaflet


Echoing Healthy Ageing

Therapies for Dementia, Training & Consultation For Caregivers



Sustainably-Sourced, Luxury Yak Down Clothing


Nazava Water Filters

Safe & Affordable Household Water Filters


Toraja Melo

Artisanal Hand-Woven Scarfs, Bags, Accessories


DESI Hangover

Handmade Leather Footwear (Sustainable Fashion)


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Have a conversation with us to get an insight into the lives of social entrepreneurs and the inspiration behind their endeavour to be socially impactful.

Hear what our speakers have to say about the corporate responsibility, social issues, innovative solutions and involving the younger generation.

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festival E-Guide

20 October 2018, Saturday




Behind our Consumerism – Is There Room for Sustainable Choices?

1330 - 1430

The consumer in each of us today is pervasive yet inconspicuous. As citizens in an interconnected global economy, we can no longer ignore the impact of our consumerism. How can I align today’s consumerism with the idea of sustainability? Why should I care and how do I start?





Social Enterprises – Can They Innovate Well?

1500 - 1600

Innovation is the buzzword of the digital age. However, what is the relevance of innovation for social enterprises? Can social enterprises innovate for scale and impact? How have social enterprises been leveraging innovation to address social needs or increase efficiency?





Addressing Inequality Through Enterprise – How Can I Be Part of the Movement?

1630 -1730

Leveraging social enterprises has been identified as one strategy to manage pressure points in Singapore. What role do social enterprises play in the alleviation of social needs? What have they been doing to assist various communities in need in society? What more can be done and where do individuals come in?


21 October 2018, Sunday




Children as Forefronts for Change – Can Childhood Empower?

1400 - 1500

The terms 'childhood' and 'play' sound unimportant or irrelevant for adults. Why should I care about childhoods of today and play? Are childhoods and play undervalued today? Why should I care about empowering our children? Are there larger benefits to society? Can children be forefronts for change?




Designed to ignite the senses of all ages and reshape your interaction with the world. Explore what it is like to live in another person’s shoes, become one with mother nature, and so much more. Let us take you into an experiential space to make, listen, taste and think!


Meet the social enterprises championing environmental sustainability and encouraging conscious consumerism through sustainable farming practices and their farm-to-table movement, upcycling workshops, zero-waste grocery shopping and making eco-friendly cleaning agents using fruit enzymes!


Edible Garden City Excite your senses as you step into our sensory garden, where you will get to touch, smell, and even taste fresh herbs grown locally by our beneficiaries. For those with green fingers, you can look forward to trying your hand at planting edible herbs and bringing them home!

Terra SG Make a fun up-cycled yoyo from used beverage sachets, weave your own fabric bottle holder from unwanted t-shirts, or create your own functional coin pouch or torch from disused paper carton products.

Unpackt Experience the zero-waste lifestyle while grocery shopping and learn about how you can incorporate sustainable living practices in your daily lives.

ecosenses Discover the unique scents and amazing cleaning properties of fruit enzymes at our booth! Come and get involved in our hands-on enzyme-making activity using natural ingredients like fruit peels.


Step into the Caring Village to understand more about the needs of various groups of beneficiaries and learn how you can better support them. Be inspired by how our social enterprises are supporting these groups of beneficiaries through their products, services and campaigns!


Center Pottery Try your hand at throwing on the potter’s wheel and molding your own creation from clay with hand-building techniques. Learn more about how our pottery curriculum helps our beneficiaries with mental health issues find their center and gain calmness and inner peace.

Hush TeaBar Step into the world of the Deaf as you interact with Hush TeaBar’s friendly facilitators using sign language and contemplate about life over their unique tea blends.

Society Staples Enjoy the best of both worlds - doing good and having fun! Get hands-on and help build a Giant Jenga tower by fixing just 1 Giant Jenga block, and watch as the entire Jenga tower gets stacked up. Pop by our booth to find out what an inclusive future means and what it takes to achieve it, why our games are GIANT in size and how you can have fun AND tackle social issues at the same time!

The Mindful Company Take part in our “You are loved and supported” interactive campaign, where you can snap a photo of you and your friends at our photobooth and bring home a beautiful customized e-greeting card to send to your loved ones!


Calling all parents with young kids! Bring your kids on an adventure as they unleash their creativity, meet friendly mascots and push the boundaries of how they learn and make sense of the world through play!


EyeYah Keep your kids entertained with fun colouring sheets featuring Eyeyah’s iconic characters! Engage your children while exercising their creativity through specially designed activity sheets that allow children to learn more about technology.

Junior Art Lab Kids get to design their very own eco-friendly tote-bags and postcards using digital art! Expose your kids to basic Powerpoint skills and let them have fun uncovering the exciting possibilities of design through technology.

Irisada Engage your kids in sensory play experiences through sitting on colourful and fun-shaped vibrating cushions, snuggling into our cosy PeaPods and trying our range of interesting fidgets!

School of Concepts Join an immersive storytelling experience as they make characters come to life with their friendly honey bee mascots and lively narration! Through a meaningfully crafted story exploring disability issues, inspire empathy in your kids and encourage them to play an active role in making the community more caring and inclusive for all.



Join our ongoing workshops that are sure to cater to the most curious of minds and change the way you do things for the better.

20 October 2018, Saturday

Time1100 - 1200

Name of SEBettr Barista Pte Ltd

Workshop TitleThe Art of Tasting Specialty Coffee



Think you’ve got what it takes to be a coffee connoisseur?

Join Bettr Barista on a journey that will invigorate your senses and teach you how to taste coffee like a professional! Discover the world of speciality coffee and be engulfed in all its aromatic glory, whilst learning about coffee aromas and flavours, and sharpening your sense of smell and tasting abilities.

Let us break down technical jargon while unlocking your senses to better understand what acidity, body and aftertaste actually feel like on the tongue in your mouth. Explore the importance of aroma and how it plays into coffee tasting as we sample three curated coffees from different regions and practice tasting it like a pro while you apply your new-found knowledge.

This exclusive 1-hour workshop is inclusive of:
- Workshop fees
- Use of workshop materials
- 3 curated coffees from different regions (for taste-testing)
- Small take-home gift

Time1300 - 1400

Name of SEPreschool Market Pte Ltd

Workshop TitleTinker, Code and Bond For Families



Ever thought that learning was "boring"? Fret not, for we have just the solution for you!

Join us as we explore a world where learning meets play in Preschool Market’s “Tinker, Code and Bond For Families” workshop! With a focus on Creative Learning materials incorporating Art and Technology (CreArTech), parents and children will get a chance to use our specially-curated CreArTech kit to make, tinker and learn with with technology-based elements.

In this workshop, we work with parents to design playful learning experiences for our little ones. We will discuss the importance of play and maintaining learning habits and attitudes that are critical for lifelong learning. The activities designed aim to create positive experiences in learning so that it can shape our young children's lifelong relationship with learning into an enjoyable one.

This exclusive 1-hour workshop is inclusive of:
- Workshop fees
- Use of workshop materials
- CreArTech kit (to take home)

This workshop is for families with children aged 3-8 years old. Kindly take note that each ticket permits entry for a parent-and-child pair. Due to space constraints, only 6 pairs of parent and child can be admitted. Book your tickets early!

Time1500 - 1600

Name of SETinkle Arts Pte Ltd

Workshop TitleMiniature French Bread Magnet



Bonjour, be your own miniature French pastry chef for an hour!

Indulge in a multi-sensory experience as you learn the magical craft of making realistic-looking French-style bread clay art. Join us as we explore how to sculpt 3 types of miniature french bread, and make them into a magnet or brooch.

In this workshop, our experts will guide you step-by-step on how to sculpt and decorate each individual piece. Create your own unique miniature french bread as we teach you how to customize them using colour mixing, trimmings, texturising and gluing during the creation process. Bring your adorable creations home so you can show them off to your friends, or give them to your loved ones – they make for unique and heartwatming gifts!

So what are you waiting for? Join us for an afternoon of fun and get ready to be amazed by the wonders of miniature cooking!

This exclusive 1-hour workshop is inclusive of:
- Workshop fees
- Use of workshop materials
- Your miniature French bread creations (to take home)

Time1700 - 1800

Name of SECoopita Pte Ltd

Workshop TitleHapa Zome - The Art of Japanese Leaf Dye



Come and be enamored by the delicate beauty of Hapa Zome!

Capture the brilliance of nature's colours on fabric using the Japanese technique of Hapa Zome (leaf dye)! Hapa Zome is the Japanese art of hammering leaves and pounding natural pigment into cloth, thereby creating natural imprints of plants onto different materials.

This workshop is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn a different type of art and craft form, and one as unique as leaf dyeing. Come and create a colourful collage to take home for your loved ones.

Kindly note that this workshop requires min. 4 participants to start, and is capped at max. 10 participants per session. Come and be enamored by the delicate beauty of Hapa Zome!

This exclusive 1-hour workshop is inclusive of:
- Workshop fees
- Use of workshop materials
- Your Hapa Zome collage (to take home)

21 October 2018, Sunday

Time1100 - 1200

Name of SEAnagami Pte Ltd (Hush TeaBar)

Workshop TitleRush to Hush. With Silence. In Silence.



Can you hear them? Together. We Change The World. In Hush.

Explore The Hush Experience – a carefully-crafted multi-sensorial journey that includes getting participants to learn signing from our deaf TeaRistas, surrender their mobile phones to disconnect, engage in a personal reflection through a guided TeaReflection by the Deaf to reconnect with themselves and tea art to express their reflections. All in silence, complete with ear plugs.

“Enter the Hush experience where you go through a 4-zone journey of silence, awareness and peace. Experimental empathy led by the deaf. Through 4 zones; ‘intention’, ‘hush’, ‘expression’ and ‘sharing’.’ - Hush Tea Bar

This exclusive 1-hour workshop is inclusive of:
- Workshop fees
- Use of workshop materials

Time1300 - 1400

Name of SEForeword Coffee Pte Ltd

Workshop TitleCoffee Brewing Workshop

Cost$35/pax ($65 if sign up as a pair)


Ever wondered what it is like to be a barista?

Join us on an experiential journey that will be sure to tickle your tastebuds, invigorate your senses and blow your mind away! Our experts will guide you on how to brew coffee at home with up to 5 different methods! But what's coffee-making without a little coffee-tasting? Learn about coffee brewing and tasting, and experience a diversity of coffee flavours from Asia at our Coffee Brewing workshop.

Our workshop is suitable for people with special needs and disabilities (please state during sign-up). Our trainers can converse in sign language and specialised tools and visual aids will be provided. We encourage participants to work together in pairs and interact with each other for the best learning experience!

Embark on a new journey with us as we dive into the aromatic world of coffee! Learn, play and taste coffee with friends, and bring home a bag of coffee beans (worth $14)!

This exclusive 1-hour workshop is inclusive of:
- Workshop fees
- Use of workshop materials
- A bag of coffee beans (worth $14)

Time1500 - 1800

Name of SEPlayeum Ltd

Workshop Title3-2-1 Launch!




“Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever” – J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Discover the wonder of flying in this energy-filled workshop, where children will explore objects that fly! Be amazed with the concepts around force, speed and design, as you create a flying object out of newspaper and place it on a handmade rocket launcher for lift-off. How far will it go? How high will it fly? These all depend on the shape, weight and built of the flying object – come discover and find out.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and fly away with us to a universe of awesome fun and experiential learning!

Kindly take note:
- This workshop will have 2 sessions (3-4pm & 5-6pm). Max. 12 pax per session.
- Children must be aged 5 and above to attend this workshop.
- Programme is specifically for children participation (Parent participation pairing is not compulsory).
- Each ticket admits 1 person. If parents wish to participate in the workshop with their child, they must purchase an extra ticket.
- If parent participation pairing is necessary, parent is not to interrupt learning process of child.
- X12 Launcher Sets will be prepared per session.
- Each set caters to up to 3 kids to co-create.
- Launchers are for exploration during the session only and not to be brought home.
- Rockets or launch items can be brought home.
- Number of children in room will be based on final space provided for this workshop to take place.
- Participants will also be provided with a complimentary pass to Playeum. T&Cs applies.

This exclusive 1-hour workshop is inclusive of:
- Workshop fees (complimentary)
- Use of workshop materials
- Rockets or launch items (made during the workshop)



Be entertained by talented artists as we bring you an array of live performances throughout FestivalForGood 2018!

20 October 2018, Saturday

Time1200 - 1600

ArtistONE FM 91.3 (Live Broadcast)

Time1700 - 1745

ArtistRene Ann Wong

Time1815 - 1900

ArtistAnnette Rochelle Lee

21 October 2018, Sunday

Time1130 - 1215

ArtistMarian Carmel

Time1300 - 1345

ArtistWynnette & Sam

Time1500 - 1545

ArtistAdia Tay

Time1630 - 1715







With the harmonization of a comfortable microclimate and a picturesque landscape, Marina One perfectly encapsulates the essence of Singapore’s “Green City”.

Join us at FestivalForGood 2018 to experience the wonders of Marina One, which is conveniently located just 5 minutes away from the Downtown and Marina Bay stations!

$3 off

Get $3 off your GRAB ride to and fro Marina One
Use promo code: GRABFFG2018

Via Downtown line
Alight at Downtown station
Take Exit E

Via Circle line or the North-South line
Alight at Marina Bay station
Take Exit B

You can also take the following busses and alight at the Downtown Station stop (B03529) along Central Boulevard:
97, 97e, 106, 133, 400, 402, 502A, 502, 513, 982E

Via Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) and East Coast Parkway (ECP) in the direction towards the city
Continue onto Sheares Avenue
Use any lane to turn right onto Central Boulevard
Turn left onto Straits View

Via Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) in the direction towards city
Take the Central Boulevard exit from MCE
Turn left onto Straits View

Via Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) into the direction towards city
Take the Central Boulevard/Marina Gardens Drive exit
Turn left onto Straits View
Paid parking is available at Marina One