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The Adventurous Fellowship -Chiang Mai Social and Environmental Issues Trip!

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An exciting opportunity brought to you by Skillseed and Geylang Adventures!

Background: In June 2018, Skillseed and Geylang Adventures ran The Adventurous Fellowship, a deep-dive exploration of three of Singapore's most pressing social issues: environmental waste management, financial inequality, and integration of migrant workers. This programme adopted the tri-sectoral perspective, which studies how each of the 3P (public, private and people) sectors approaches each issue. The Fellowship involved 57 outstanding fellows who brought to the table a diverse range of personal and professional experiences.

With thanks to the generous support of the National Youth Fund, we are excited to announce our continuation to what we affectionately refer to as TAF - an overseas opportunity available for Adventurous Fellows and non-Fellows alike.

Please join us in December as we take the multi-issue and trisectoral lens that informed The Adventurous Fellowship to Chiang Mai! Together, we hope to explore the lesser known sides of Chiang Mai, and delve deeply into questions about the sufficiency economy, tensions between environmental conservation and the tourist industry, and the role that Chiang Mai plays for refugees and migrants from surrounding countries. We would love to introduce to you some of our amazing and inspiring community partners: from an education foundation that supports refugee students outside the city centre, to a tourism-based social enterprise that seeks to empower hill tribes through Community-Based Tourism, to an elephant sanctuary that provides livelihoods for at-risk women.

At a glance, here are some details for the Chiang Mai programme -

When: 8-13 December 2018, 6D 5N
Subsidized Price: $640 (excl. flights - first 6 sign-ups receive special price of $590!)
Original price: $1,200
Who: Everyone 18 years old and older, regardless if you were part of The Adventurous Fellowship or not!
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