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CO-EXIST 2018: Starstruck

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CO-EXIST is when people from all walks of life exist side-by-side. Coexistence is something that Legacy Dance Co. strives for; we hope that through dance, we are all able to coexist happily as members of society. Our production named ‘CO-EXIST’ was first introduced in 2016 and we aim for it to be an annual project that showcases this vision through items put up by both our students and instructors.

CO-EXIST 2018 will follow the theme of ‘Social Elitism’. Its storyline will revolve around modern day dependency on social media, where youth desire to gain recognition and popularity. In this fictional world, the more recognition, followers and points an individual has, the more popular they will appear to be.

The aim of this concert is to raise awareness of this overbearing social elitism in modern day society and to show that human interaction is more than just being recognised in the society by people you don't know, but rather, appreciating those who are closest to you.

Do drop me an email if you would be interested to attend this concert! Hope to see you there.
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