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"Change Makers United"

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You always dreamed to meet most of the change makers communities in a single place?
Your dream is coming true.

La French Tech, an impact driven community builder is inviting you to an event powered by Dathappy & Tribe Theory, the 21st March from 6PM.

Come & connect to incredible leaders while having a good time during this social event. Open the door to new collaborations opportunities and shape a future for all.

A perfect moment to discuss your tech needs with the community [if you are looking for these kind of expertise], or to better understand the needs of the purpose driven organisation [if you want to support those]. Otherwise, just bring your kindness and share with the other kindhearted people, it works too.

Spread the word in your networks of do-gooders. It is an open house for all social entrepreneurs, impact investors, non profit organisations leaders, volunteers, Tech for Good curious…

Take a step as a consumActor, thanks to Tribe Theory, giving 100% of the benefits to effective organisations (through Effective Altruism Funds).

A special date for awesome people!
Did you know that the 21st of March is the busiest day of UN calendar:

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

World Poetry Day

International Day of Nowruz

World Down Syndrome Day

International Day of Forests

See you there to celebrate the successes of all change makers and build a strong community tackling collectively the challenges of our World.

Dathappy, Tribe Theory & La French Tech Singapore

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