raiSE provides support to social-impact driven companies through the VentureForGood grant and through investment into social-impact driven companies in the growth-stage through the raiSE Impact Fund (RIF+).

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What is the Grow B.I.G Programme?

The raiSE Grow B.I.G. (Growth in Business, Impact, Good) programme is an exciting initiative to enable social enterprises to embark on a growth journey to achieve success.

Participating social enterprises will be guided through a lite Organisational Health Check to define where they are now, what are their business opportunities/growth barriers and key capability development critical to achieve sustainability. They will be supported by strategy coaching to develop robust growth roadmaps and provided with implementation guidance on growth-oriented projects.



Programme Outcomes

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Support ambitious social enterprises to achieve growth objectives

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Enhance the organisational capabilities to increase their social impact and financial performance

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Create a platform for growth-stage social enterprises to learn and grow together with their unique challenges and growth plans.



Who Should Apply?

Recommended for growth stage SEs with the ambition to scale their businesses. This programme is only open to raiSE Social Enterprise members.


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