Raise defines Social Enterprises (SEs) as business entities set up with clear social goals; and where there is clear management intent and resources allocated to fulfil their social objectives.

Social entrepreneurship in Singapore is still in its early days.Social enterprises provide business solutions to address unmet and emerging social needs and gaps. They have the potential to make a difference, create value and solve social challenges in sustainable ways. SEs have grown to become part of a broader system to address social needs. In an emerging trend, they also fulfil the aspirations of a new generation of Singaporeans who are passionate to do good through means other than charities, and as a part of their daily lives.

Check out our resources page for useful publications, toolkits and links to get you started on your social enterprise journey!



raiSE Masterclasses provide our social enterprises with opportunities for practical and hands-on learning. We collaborate with partners to develop capabilities for social enterprises to scale their business as well as social impact.

Previous masterclasses have covered topics like service innovation, digital marketing, growth planning, hiring persons with disabilities, and more!


Who Should Attend?

Each masterclass will be of a different theme. The workshops are open to the public, unless otherwise stated. raiSE Social Enterprises and Individual members enjoy a discount on the ticket. Learn more about the raiSE membership here.




From BreakDOWN to BreakTHROUGH:

Finding Opportunities and Strategizing in the New Normal 


A raiSE Singapore x EY Masterclass Series

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an immense impact on the global economy, forcing many businesses into closing or scaling back their operations. Even so, some businesses remain agile, seizing the moment to emerge stronger during and after the crisis.

This two-part series will discuss strategies and appropriate measures for business survivability and sustainability. Beyond building your resilience to help you stay afloat, it also provides you with the creative tools to transform your current business challenges into opportunities for development. These opportunities could come in the form of new product or service offerings, new markets/customer groups, new sales channels, and even new ways of engaging with stakeholders while still maintaining and delivering social impact.

At the end of the session, raiSE will also provide an overview of raiSE Triage, a self-assessment toolkit co-developed with RSM Singapore, to help you develop an action plan to address your immediate challenges.

Masterclass 1: Survive and Thrive in the Present (3 September, 2pm - 4pm)

Masterclass 2: Reimagining Your Social Enterprise in the "New Normal" (10 September, 10 am - 12 pm)


These workshops are open for raiSE members only. For sign up, please write to enquiries@raise.sg