Capacity Building

Erwin Chan

Capacity Building

"What makes an Entrepreneur rich? Risk taking, Innovation, Can-Do Attitude and always asking themselves - How do I add value to society?"

Erwin Chan designs innovation and entrepreneurial capacity building programmes at raiSE that activates the Social Entrepreneur’s Head, Heart & Hands for transformation.

>Erwin has a PhD in biomedical research and is interested in seeing systemic transformations in healthcare. During his post-graduate days, Erwin led medical and dental teams to Cambodia and facilitated social innovation projects in Indonesia and Australia. In 2012, Erwin co-founded a medical device startup that focused on developing solutions for chronic pain management. After failing, he became interested in understanding how the entrepreneurial experience can enrich the personal leadership journey. Erwin was part of the team that won first place at the MITx Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in 2016. He is a Certified Instructor for “Disciplined Entrepreneurship” for new venture creation. Erwin has taught in universities & polytechnics including Bioentrepreneurship at NTU. He also volunteers as a mentor in developing children & youths holistically.

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