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The Social Enterprise Membership Application Process



1. Apply Online

Articulate your:

  • Management Intent – Relevant experiences and expertise of the management team.
  • Business Model – Feasible business models must generate more than 50% of revenue from trading activities.
  • Social Impact – Identify target beneficiaries and social gaps to be filled.



2. Evaluate Social/Business Outcomes

New applicants will be invited for an online interview for us to understand your:

  • Management Intent – Clear intentions to make social outcomes the core objective of the business.
  • Business Model – Feasibility and sustainability of the business, demonstrated with concrete plans.
  • Social Impact – Resource allocation of at least 20% to fulfil social outcomes, measured using raiSE’s Social Value Toolkit (SVT).



3. Approve Membership

Membership application may take 6-8 weeks for approval including the validation process for your Social Enterprise. You may view our membership terms and conditions here.

  • Membership is awarded based on the business model and social outcomes achieved.
  • Members are unified by a collective brand in raising awareness for SEs in Singapore.
  • Membership status is renewed annually based on the sustainability of business and social achievements.



Membership Fees

Provisional/Full Social Enterprise Members

$300 for new Social Enterprise Members;
$100 for yearly renewal (within 6 months from date of expiry)







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