raiSE Annual Report 2019-2020

In this Annual Report, we highlight raiSE's work in the past 5 years and the next leap forward.

The State of Social Enterprise in Singapore 2021

The 2021 "The State of Social Enterprise in Singapore" study is published as part of a series of surveys undertaken by the British Council a...

Public Perception Study 2020

In 2020, raiSE commissioned a Public Perception Study on Social Enterprises in Singapore as a comparative study to the 2010 Social Enterprise Associat...

raiSE Annual Report 2018-19

In this Annual Report, we highlight the efforts by raiSE to enhance the sector, deepen capabilities and broaden support for the Social Enterprise (SE)...

raiSE Annual Report 2017-18

In this Annual Report, we have highlighted the initiatives that have been instrumental in strengthening the positive perception of Social Enterprises.

LeapForGood Insights Brief 2018

Get the LFG 2018 Insights Brief that is focused on the social needs of seniors and caregivers in the domains of work, life, and play.

raiSE Annual Report 2016

The Annual Report records the progress raiSE has made in its first year of operation. At the outset, the Board of raiSE set the vision and mission for...

Social Enterprise Public Perception Survey

Social Enterprise Public Perception Survey

raiSE Annual Report 2016-17

We are pleased to present the second annual report for raiSE. In 2016, we identified sectoral challenges, from addressing business, operational, marke...

LeapForGood Insights Brief: Eldercare & Mental Health in Singapore

This Insights Brief aims to raise awareness of the needs in the eldercare and mental health in Singapore and provide useful thought starters for parti...