Emmaus Strategies LLP

Nature of Business: R&D and Consultancy
Areas of Impact: Capacity building for organisations in the social sector

Emmaus Strategies LLP


About Us

As a Social Enterprise founded on Christian values, Emmaus Strategies is on a social mission to multiply good. We provide solutions to individuals and non-profit organizations to level up; to fulfil their potential for their purposes.

For non-profits, we provide Strategic Volunteer Partnerships Consultancy, Training services and resources to help them level up the good they are doing. We also help volunteers be effective helpers through training and experiential learning.

For individuals, we provide talks, retreats, volunteerism programmes and resources to help them prevent and overcome burnout, while at the same time help non-profits to level up the good they do through sabbatical volunteering.

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Products & Services

We provide a range of service to help non-profits and individuals build their capacity:

* Strategic Volunteer Partnerships Consultancy
* Strategic Volunteer Partnerships Training (for Staff)
* "5 Habits of Truly Effective Helpers" Training (for Volunteers)
* "Walk in Our Shoes" Simulation (Experiential Activity for Participants to learn about the challenges Families in Need face)
* Talk on Preventing and Overcoming Burnout
* The Walk - A Devotional on Thriving over Burnout
* Transformative Sabbatical Volunteerism Programme

For more information, please visit http://emmaus.sg/public/our-services/


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