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Nature of Business: Training
Areas of Impact: Capacity building for organisations in the social sector

The Inside Space

About Us

Our goal is to bring youths’ suicide rates down to zero. We cannot shield our youths from all life’s adversities, and the point is to not avoid them, but we can nurture them to be resilient and courages in the face of challenges. Our experiential programmes are focused on guiding our youths to strengthen their personal identity such that they can live in authenticity and be of contribution to the world they live in.

Products & Services

We provide workshops ranging from 1-day trainings to 3-month coaching programmes. Our workshops are focused on developing different Social Emotional aspects through the applying of leadership via different mediums (Storytelling, Design Thinking, Improv, Facilitation).

Apart from traditional in-room workshops, The Inside Space holds an annual leadership conference that targets at the general public to train them up on leadership and their role in culture change. The conference sees the demonstration of different passions of young adults as it acts as the graduating project of our 3-month coaching programme called Gift-An-Education (GAE).

GAE is a programme open to low-income youth that provides them with a fully sponsored certified course of their choice depending on their passions (dance, vocal, culinary, graffiti art etc). GAE aims to support low-income youth to hone their passions by providing coaching for their personal development, area of passion, and the school’s regular academia during these 3 months.

The Inside Space also has 2 other public engagements that are immersive and theatrical in nature. Snapjacks is an interruptive engagement that uses typewriter poetry to to bring awareness and encouragement to the people they write to. In a minute or less, Snapjacks write spontaneous and intuitive poems for individuals on the spot that edify and speak into their gifts. Snapjacks is designed to be a pop-up fringe activity.

We are currently designing an immersive and interactive adventure theatre outdoors that highlights a specific area in Singapore (Joo Chiat). Participants are given a story line and mystery to solve as they navigate their way around the district. They will meet actors that are planted along the way, as well as interact in partnered local businesses to complete the mystery. This adventure theatre will eventually be part of a series that also features other districts of Singapore.

We also provide customisable trainings for our clients.

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