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Nature of Business: Education & Training
Areas of Impact: Provision of education

Cudy Pte Ltd

About Us

Cudy is an online learning platform and marketplace that aims to democratize education by connecting students and educators on a platform where they can define their own learning and teaching experience through leveraging on our innovative technological solutions such as live-streaming. Cudy envisions to make education easily accessible and more affordable for low-income students by bringing classes offered by teachers and education centres - online, which helps to lower the entry barrier for students requiring supplementary classes. Cudy increases transparency and consumer through their open marketplace concept hence empowering students to make better decisions to meet their educational needs, and increasing social mobility in SEA.

Products & Services

Cudy brings 3 core product product offerings to serve our users needs:

Online marketplace populated by students and educators
Educators can access and attract a larger number of students using the online platform, and students are provided with a greater selection of lessons. Educator can list their classes on the platform, and the students will be able to search for lessons that meets their requirements by filtering factors such as price, subject and level.
Live-stream lessons on a virtual classroom that allows for interactivity and instantaneous feedback
Live-streaming technology integrated with lessons allow both the student and the educator to conduct or attend class from the comfort of their own home. This eliminates the physical limitations of distance and allows the students to learn from great educators while saving time and money.
Learning Management System (LMS)
Cudy’s LMS organises platform information and learning materials in a convenient and easily accessible format. User can access all these resources in a single dashboard on the platform. Some of the information available in the dashboard includes updates and notifications from the User’s classes, a calendar with lesson schedules, as well as task tracking for future submissions


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