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Nature of Business: Education
Areas of Impact: Provision of education

Sparkbox Pte Ltd

About Us

Secondsguru is on a mission is to promote eco-awareness via educational talks & workshops, community outreach and online articles on With the motto "Green Living. Made Easy.", we focus on solutions that make sustainable living a fun, creative and practical goal for all.

Work with us to make Singapore a country where more individuals and corporates are inspired to make environmentally sustainable choices because caring for the environment "is everyone's business!"

Products & Services

From inception to date, Secondsguru has been active in conducting outreach and workshops at educational institutions as well as government organizations. We also conduct corporate training modules, which are customized after understanding the needs and specific CSR goals of the corporate and the target audience profile.

-If you think your work colleagues or community can benefit from our talks/ workshops and experiential learning activities, write to us at

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