Happiness Initiative

Nature of Business: Education & Training
Areas of Impact: Capacity building for organisations in the social sector

Happiness Initiative


About Us

Happiness Initiative is a social enterprise that aims to build a flourishing society with evidence-based interventions through our products and programmes. We hope to help people live a more fulfilling life and take a preventive approach towards mental health conditions.

We focus on three areas:
1. Raising awareness on the science of wellbeing
2. Translating research into application
3. Building a community of well-being advocates

Products & Services

1. Research
We conduct and share research on topics pertaining to happiness and well-being.

2. Education and Training
We conduct educational workshops in schools and training for the corporates, both pertaining to happiness and well-being.

3. Events
We organise a number of non-profit events to promote happiness and well-being, namely:
- Happiness Conference (annually): http://happinessconference.asia
- Happiness Film Festival (annually): https://happinessfilmfest.asia

4. Products
We develop games and products for people to learn about better mental well-being.


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