Nature of Business: Information & Communications
Areas of Impact: Capacity building for organisations in the social sector



About Us

Trampolene is a research & technology organisation that providsolutions that seeks to bring change and positive impact to the lives of the underprivileged, disadvantaged and vulnerable. It is registered as a non-profit organisation. The founder is a former research engineer in field on ICT in A*STAR, The Agency for Science, Technology and Research. Just like other non-profit, volunteers play a significant role in our operation. Most of our volunteers are skilled volunteer. Their expertise includes therapist, ICT, engineering, andsocial science. Trampolene’s key beneficiaries are the disadvantages and under privileged in our society. The main groups we are serving include youth at risk, youth with special needs, seniors. Trampolene has worked with Public, Private and People sector. Our collaborators include social service organizations and for-profit organization such as Shines, RSVP Singapore, Ren Ci Community hospital, Wah Son Engineering Inspire Tech, Common Town. Public agencies like MSF, People Association, SG Enable. We work with beneficiaries, caregivers and volunteers.

Products & Services

We provide blended training, development and employment support program based on technology and evidence-based practice. This program helps overcome learning challenges and barriers, leading to enhance employability of people with disabilities.

1. VOOP is a volunteer management platform that helps organisations optimize volunteer management through real-time data analytics, knowledge management and computational modeling. This system is developed largely through the work of volunteers (ICT engineers and scientist). There are currently 30,000 volunteers in their database.

The system maintenance cost (AWS hosting, software maintenance and enhancement) is paid by participating organisations. The cost is calculated at $2 per volunteer per annum in the database.

2. Smart BFA (Smart Barrier-Free Access) is a real-time barrier-free access navigation system that allows users to find accurate and up-to-date accessible route recommendations that are free of barriers to mobility. This is a project jointly undertaken with SMU.

3. STEMS (Special Education Management) is an intelligent data management system designed to support teachers and allied health professionals in their role of delivering quality education to special needs students. STEMS also supports activities and games for youth with special needs.

4. iGain (Learning & Growing through Gamification) is an education system which focuses on creating a meaningful and fun learning experience that special needs enjoy. iGain was designed and developed with education and health experts to ensure a multiple disability-friendly user interface and relatable localized content. It comprises freemium for basic features. Advance features and modules could be unlocked with subscription fees.

5. ARIA (Alive Reminiscence through Interactive Augmented Reality) is an Augmented Reality system which brings about new experience of interacting with the past and present to reignite the nostalgic moment. This product was designed with seniors in mind for ease of use and accessibility. It is a joint project with St Hilda’s Community Services.

6. AHEAD. It aims to meaningfully engaged disadvantaged youth through employment. We have worked with A*STAR and other IHLs to develop curriculum and intervention to provide training courses and employability development services.

Once beneficiaries enrolled in AHEAD are able to secure a job, they will pay Trampolene 20% of their monthly salaries ONLY for a specific duration of agreed support preiod. This way, the subsidy funding gets replenished and Trampolene can continuously train and place others within the same group.