Nature of Business: Professional Services
Areas of Impact: Provision of employment opportunities


About Us

ForBis consist of a group of professional service companies. Our services can be broadly categorised as Advisory, Bridging & Compliance. We have a holistic stakeholders approach & believe companies can not only do good but build good culture & values in society.

Our target beneficiaries are at-risk youths, those with special needs & mums struggling to return to the workforce. We provide extended credit terms, discounts & subsidies to SEs, NPOs & charities to enhance their outreach & benefit society.

Our professionals can help you comply with regulations (accounting, tax, licenses), resolve an issue (volunteer management, data protection) and enhance capabilities (process transformation, building corporate partnerships) - just reach out!

Products & Services

ForBis Accounting
Accounting, Tax, License/IPC Application, Data Protection, Corporate Secretary, Internal Audit, Sustainability Reporting, Claims Processing & Funding Management, Forensic Accounting

ForBis Advisory
Risk/Sustainability/Social Impact Governance, Business Process Transformation, CXO as a Service, Investment Advisory, Islamic Finance, IT Process transformation

ForBis Human Capital
Campus Branding & Recruitment, Onboarding Services, Salary Competitiveness Research, Employment Agreement Drafting, Secondment of Talents, Payroll Services

S H TANG & Associates LLP
Statutory Audit Services

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