Total Wellness Initiative Singapore

Nature of Business: Education & Training
Areas of Impact: Provision of products and services to improve the mental health & well-being (e.g. address social exclusion)

Total Wellness Initiative Singapore

About Us

Total Wellness Initiative Singapore (TWIS) aims to promote and empower people to take a more holistic and preventive approach to caring for their personal wellness using a ten-dimension wellness framework.

Our framework includes: (a) psychological, (b) physical, (c) spiritual, (d) social, (e) creative, (f) intellectual, (g) environmental, (h) occupational, (i) digital and (j) financial wellness.

To improve the awareness and adoption of holistic and preventive well-being practices, we work with organisations and community partners to run various talks, workshops and programs.

We also to share bite-size evidence informed wellness knowledge regularly on our social media platforms (including Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and website).

Products & Services

What do we do?
Community Initiatives – Actively work with community groups in Singapore to co-create wellness initiatives, such as Design for Wellness, talks or workshops to increase awareness and understanding to encourage people to adopt more wellness practices in their day-to-day.

Educating the Community
• Delivery of REST for WEllness in schools and communities around Singapore
• Create and share over 400 pieces of unique content related to wellness and well-being across multiple social media platforms (Such as Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and our website) reaching over 2000 people.
• Engage over 100 youth volunteers for content creation and program delivery

Partnership with Organisations and Schools
• Provide wellness planning workshops to over 30 organizations organisations and invited to be part of over 30 panels with a total reach of approximately 2500 people
• Organisations includes Govtech, ShopBack, Aruba (Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company), General Assembly, HSBC, NTU, NUS, 4PM, and many smaller informal groups.

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