Naksu Pte. Ltd.

Nature of Business: Professional Services
Areas of Impact: Provision of employment opportunities

Naksu Pte. Ltd.

About Us

Naksu Pte. Ltd. began as one man’s humble self-funded venture that has since grown into a Conglomerate and the first of its kind to become a Social Enterprise.

Creating businesses across diverse industries not only create a wide variety of employment opportunities but also generate profits to assist in social causes. The Company presently has 3 wholly owned subsidiaries operating in entirely different industries independently and investments in other companies.

Not only that the Company dedicates part of its profits from commercial activities to assist in various social causes; it is also invested in creating employment opportunities for marginalized individuals to uncover and reach their fullest potential.

Products & Services

We presently have 3 wholly owned subsidiaries in different industries and are still growing :

1) Naksu Muay Thai Gym Pte. Ltd.
Provides professional and authentic Muay Thai training to all levels of proficiency at affordable prices.
The gym takes pride in its dedicated team of trainers, well-equipped facility and philosophy of teaching authentic Muay Thai techniques.

2) Naksu Logistics Pte. Ltd.
Provides top-notch freight forwarding services and seeks to grow in tandem with clients and business partners.
Maintaining a self-sustainable model, the company continues to stay true to the principles of personal engagement, responsibility, flexible operations and competitive rates.

3) Naksu Barbershop Pte. Ltd.
Brings the unique art of British-inspired Indian barbers into a professional, clean, hygienic, sanitized and all-inclusive environment.
Customers of each and every ethnicity, nationality, religion, socioeconomic status and/or sexual orientation are served and respected as equally dignified gentlemen.


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