Nature of Business: Arts, Sports & Recreation
Areas of Impact: Provision of economic tools and services (e.g. financial access, crowdfunding, ecommerce)



About Us

#Meetarts is a C2C e-commerce visual arts platform for artists and art buyers. #Meetarts is the game changer for the arts community in Singapore as we enable visual artists to monetize their artworks without the hefty commissions of 40-60% on the sale price. Here at #MeetArts, we transform the traditional art commerce space into a digital ecommerce platform. #MeetArts seeks to centralize existing or potential opportunities in the arts sector to improve the community and market in the arts. Be it buying an artwork, selling an artwork or visiting an art exhibition, #MeetArts provides a borderless online platform to connect you to the world of arts.

Products & Services

E-commerce of artworks in Singapore and Asia.


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