Sol Therapy

Nature of Business: Health & Social Services
Areas of Impact: Provision of products and services to improve the mental health & well-being (e.g. address social exclusion)

Sol Therapy

About Us

Sol Therapy is an integrated mental, emotional, and somatic care clinic with the aim to encapsulate the essence of self-healing, empowerment, and growth. We offer a safe and co-regulated space where you can eventually come home within yourself and foster a constant exchange of illumination through our shared human experiences while nurturing human beings being human.

We offer a variety of mental and emotional health interventions, such as positive psychotherapy, counseling, trauma-informed somatic therapy, solution-focused clinical hypnotherapy, and evidence-based mind-body therapies. Tailored for individuals, youths, adults, and couples, these interventions support a comprehensive range of challenges in the human experience.

Products & Services

As an integrated mental, emotional, and somatic care clinic in Singapore, Sol Therapy recognizes the importance of weaving multi-disciplinary holistic therapies seamlessly into our clinical interventions. Our carefully curated range of complementary treatments includes Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Therapeutic Breathwork and Movement Therapy, Trauma-informed Somatic Therapy, and Psychosomatic Therapy. These complementary therapies have been thoughtfully chosen to enhance and augment our clinical interventions, such as Psychotherapy and Counselling and Solution-focused Clinical Hypnotherapy, with their efficacy well-established through rigorous research and practice. On top of that, Sol Therapy extends its offerings to include workshops and programs focused on mental and emotional wellness psychoeducation, mindfulness, breathwork, and meditation for mental and emotional regulation. By embracing these holistic approaches, we can further empower others on their healing journeys, supporting them in achieving profound transformations in their well-being so that they can flow and navigate better in their journey of life.


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