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Nature of Business: Health & Social Services
Areas of Impact: Provision of products and services to improve the mental health & well-being (e.g. address social exclusion)

Ohana Therapy


About Us

At Ohana Therapy, we have the great privilege of working with individuals and families who seek to educate and empower themselves to live and maintain a full and enriching life through therapy. We adopt family-centred, neurodiversity-affirming, and strength-based approaches to help our clients achieve their fullest potential and maximise their participation in day-to-day activities.

Our unique family approach, which is held together by the belief that no one is left behind, hopes to improve the lives of our clients in meaningful and long lasting ways. We want our clients to feel confident and empowered to see a renewed and positive image of themselves and what they can achieve in their lives. We are committed to finding a solution that puts the client first because we believe that every individual deserves and has a right to feel seen, heard and known.

Products & Services

We offer therapy sessions at our centrally-located clinic, your home, or online. Sessions can be conducted individually or in groups, depending on your preference. Our experienced and passionate therapists will be able to support you or your child with the following needs:

1. Speech & Language Therapy (for both Adults and Children)
- Difficulties with communicating or understanding language, unclear pronunciation, stuttering, literacy difficulties, selective mutism, alternative and augmentative communication (AAC), acquired communication difficulties (e.g. post-stroke or traumatic brain injuries)
- Social communication groups

2. Feeding Therapy (for both Adults and Children)
- Eating and drinking challenges, including those due to traumatic brain injuries or strokes, e.g. frequent choking while swallowing, picky eating, reduced oral motor skills, negative associations with food, etc.

3. Occupational Therapy (for both Adults and Children)
- Challenges with gross or fine motor skills, motor-planning, attention, sensory integration, emotional regulation, visual perception, body awareness, activities of daily living (e.g. showering, typing, feeding self, etc.), and executive functioning skills

4. Educational Therapy (for Children)
- Academic or other learning needs, including reading and writing skills, numeracy knowledge, ideation, memory, executive functioning, critical thinking
- School shadow support or school transition support

5. Play Therapy (for Children) and Art Therapy (for Adults or Children)
- Psychotherapy and counselling through play or through art, working to resolve issues such as emotional regulation, trauma, self-expression, understanding and managing emotions, problem solving, low self-esteem, anxiety, etc.

We believe in offering honest, holistic care. We are ultimately carers first, and we are proud of what we do. We believe in you and your potential!

Please visit our website at https://ohanatherapy.sg to learn more about our services and to book an appointment.


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