Nature of Business: Professional Services
Areas of Impact: Provision of health care/social care products and services (include disease/illness prevention and mitigation)


About Us

Veterinary housecall services, though common overseas, were distinctively lacking in Singapore when we first started in 2017. We strive to work with owners and other vet services to facilitate smooth transitions from home to clinic and clinic to home if needed. We use a holistic approach of TCM and conventional medicine. We have hosted multiple learning sessions for caregivers and nurses over the years and will continue to do so. We discovered new niches and is working on improving palliative and hospice care for animals. Palliative and hospice care also includes providing support to the caregivers. We also participate actively in the welfare/re-homing/adoption of animals as VetMobile has been working with SPCA over the past 5 years.

Products & Services

1. To perform simple procedures/ physical examinations (diagnostics, phlebotomy, vaccinations etc.) at clients’ homes.
2. To provide TCM treatment (Acupuncture) as required.
3. Provision of supportive care for terminally ill/geriatric patients and their caregivers
4. Clients request for pets’ euthanasia in a familiar surrounding (home, garden, park etc.)

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