The Volunteer Switchboard

Nature of Business: Business Services
Areas of Impact: Provision of skill development

The Volunteer Switchboard

About Us

The Volunteer Switchboard (VSB) is a social enterprise which is a HUB for volunteers who wants to contribute time and effort with VWOs and Charities. VSB partners with various VWOs to understand the needs of the targeted beneficiaries and design bite-size yet purposeful volunteering programmes to create sustainable impacts to the causes that we passionately believe in – children, youth, seniors, special needs & underprivileged.

Products & Services

How Do We Work?1. Identify the social needs of various communities through active engagement and constant dialogue with targeted communities2. Design bite-size yet purposeful activities to address identified needs and create sustainable impact to the causes and communities.3. Promote and instil positive values such as kindness, the spirit of giving, self-reliance and better bonding to create a virtuous cycle within the community - all by connecting good people to good causes!


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