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Air Amber Pte Ltd

Air Amber

Founded in 2008, Air Amber is a social enterprise that seeks to impact communiti...
All Centered Pte Ltd (Center Pottery)

Center Pottery

Center Pottery is a social enterprise what teaches pottery to the public and men...
Amazing Speech Therapy Pte Ltd

Amazing Speech Therapy

We provide affordable Speech and Swallowing Therapy services for anyone who has ...
Anagami Pte Ltd (Hush TeaBar)

Hush TeaBar

HUSH is a social movement that champions self care, emotional literacy and empat...
Anisya LLP


Anisya’s goal is to eliminate the debt burden on foreign domestic workers (FDW...
Apsara Asia Pte Ltd

Apsara Asia

We create an inclusive society whereby we are able to create an integral space f...
ArchitectsofLife Ltd

Architects Of Life

AOL is a social enterprise that specialises in developing the human potential of...
Art For Good Pte Ltd

Art for Good

At Art for Good, we use the simple concept and philosophy of using art to create...
Asia Research and Engagement Pte Ltd

Asia Research & Engagement

Our purpose is to bring the voice of institutional investors to Asia's sustainab...
Atelier Musubi Private Limited


Built upon the twin pillars of obsessive craftsmanship and an enduring social mi...


Jojomama empowers Special Needs persons above 18 with resin craft skills to earn...
BAJ Food Pte Ltd

BAKE A JOY, A Spoonful of Sugar

My social goal is to start a central kitchen that would create a suitable workin...
Bamboo Builders

Bamboo Builders

Bamboo Builders is a distinctive social enterprise that builds social entreprene...
BeamAndGo Pte Ltd


Beam&Go enables and educates migrant workers, specifically Overseas Filipino Wor...


BEEP Lab is an education and training consultancy agency that uses Built Environ...

The BusinessForGood logo was created as a means of recognising and acknowledging that our social enterprise members are businesses that achieve social impact alongside sustainable financial return. More importantly, it helps the public to identify raiSE’s social enterprise members.