Nature of Business: Health & Social Services
Areas of Impact: Provision of health care/social care products and services (include disease/illness prevention and mitigation)


About Us

It is a calling is to inject vibrancy into the life of the elderly that lead Bekind Solutions to focus on developing and marketing innovative Smart Walking Sticks to empower the elderly.

Awards won:
2018 Eldercare Innovation Award
2019 Singapore Good Design Award
2020 German Design Award

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Products & Services

Their Smart Walking Sticks is designed with many thoughtful features:

1. LED Head Lights: It illuminates passageway with adjustable viewing angles. This improves visibility for the user who needs to go to the restroom from their bed.

2. Visibility Red Flashing Lights: It enables the user to be visible to other road users (car and scooters) which make walking in the evening safer.

3. Digital Radio and MP3 Player: The user can enjoy their favourite tunes via the MP3 Player and stay engaged with news via their preferred radio stations. Music Therapy has been proven to be effective to reduce the rate of dementia deterioration.

4. Auto Fall-Alarm: The alarm can be triggered automatically when it falls and attract attention in case of an emergency.

5. Carbon Fibre frame: Extremely light and strong tubing reducing the weight through the use of Carbon-Fibre will enable better handling especially for elderly who are frail.

6. Anti-Slip Self-Standing Tip: The Anti-Slip design provides excellent traction on its contact to flat surfaces and a soft pivoting joint to encourage natural walking motions.

7. 2 in 1 Umbrella integration: The walking stick that is seamlessly integrated into the umbrella can be detached and be used separately while user uses the umbrella at the same time.

8. Quality Umbrella Construction: The premium honeycomb structure fabric is UV protected and repel ran effectively. The double spring canopy construction ease of handling and ensure it integrity to counter strong wind.

9. Detachable Wrist Cord: It is designed to ensure that the user will not be obstructed by the walking sticks when they try to break-fall. Upon sudden excessive force applied to the wrist cord, it will automatically be detached and thus reduce the chance of having the walking sticks obstructing the user.

10. Reasonable Pricing: The collection is marketed in a range between SGD52 to SGD115 which is a reasonable price point for good design and a quality build product.


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